Wing Foil

Learn Wingfoil with Fil d’Air!

Already a pioneer in teaching kitefoil back in 1998, Fil d’Air offers you the opportunity to learn this brand new sport Wing Foil!

Wing foil is a brand new water sport combining kitesurfing and foiling. This is a hand-held inflatable kite that allows you to take advantage of the wind energy to move forward. Wingfoil is practiced on a SUP board or for the most initiated on a SUP foil board.
Accessible, the surf wing is suitable for all audiences, children or adults, beginners, intermediates or experts.

It’s the perfect way to learn how to use the wind easily and safely.

Indeed catch the two handles on the central strut and you will have the power to move forward. Let go of everything and you will stop instantly.

Why learn Wing Foil with Fil d’Air

Wing Foil is one of the easiest watersports to learn. However it is strongly advised to be supervised by a trained instructor to teach you the basics.
We have all the tools to make learning easy and fast.

Fil d’Air offers you Wing Foil lessons to learn at your own pace.

From a boat, the instructor will let you handle the wing at your own pace to feel the sensations of the wing that tows you. Once the technique is mastered, learn how to waterstart and discover this fantastic new way to glide.


We offer 3 types of lessons for all levels

 Initiation: learn the basics of handling the wing and waterstart on a stable board with high volume. Start gliding!
  • Intermediate: you are kitesurfer, discover the Wing Foil! After a foiling session behind a boat, learn how to handle the wing and discover the feeling of flying in all safety.
  • Foilers: learning in open water will allow you to worry only about your progress. Our instructors will coach you via radio to help you in the manoeuvers. Surf the big chop of the lagoon and discover the incredible sensation of this sport.
Discover Wing Foil with Fil d’Air and explore a whole new world of riding!


Private lesson 2h / 1 person: 200€
Private lesson 2h / 2 person: 340€
Group lessons: same rate as kitesurf lessons