Foil courses

Kite Foiling

Fil d’Air’s team offers a playful and effective approach to foiling. Foiling is a pretty recent kiting discipline, it is accessible to all riders who already ride independently with good kite steering skills. Notions of strapless kitesurfing can also help.

Fil d’Air Kitesurfing school has been one of the first school to offer kitefoiling lessons. 5 instructors are now passionate about this discipline.

Since the very beginning of foiling, we have developed a simple and effective method of teaching which, from the first lesson allow the discovery of these amazing sensations that this discipline offers.

Our strengths

  • A private lesson: a boat with an instructor who will follow you throughout the session, adapt the size of your kite and adjust precisely the foil depending on the wind conditions (which is very important especially at the beginning of the learning process)
  • A flat lagoon: The Etang de Thau is perfectly adapted to the foiling practice whatever the conditions, we will put you in a non-choppy zone.
  • A lesson in open water: being in open water you will do your waterstart in an easy way and not to worry about the drift: just take care of your ride, we take care of the rest!
  • A radio assistance: the instructor will be able to talk to you throughout your lesson via radio and bring you the right information at the right time.
  • Specific equipment: F-ONE IC6 Foil mounted with short or intermediate mat, full helmet with radio support. The F-ONE board is very easy to start with, it offers control and stability to help manage the foil with ease and the IC6 foil offers a very progressive take-off. The ride in the air super smooth. You have complete control on the speed and on your path.
  • A windy place: whatever the season, the Etang de Thau has fantastic wind statistics: tramontane, sea breeze or thermals, we will find wind to make you fly above water!
  • A dissociated learning: your instructor can teach you the Foil towed by a boat at first, which will allow you to concentrate only on the handling of the board without thinking of the kite (optional). These sessions can be within a private lesson.

The Foiling progression stages

1/ Beginning: Learn how to place your feet on the board, how to handle your foil properly, find the right position so you don’t get injured

2/ Waterstart: Get up and ride with the board flat, learn to start with the foil under water and get used to it

3/ Start flying: Learn how to stabilize the board at a certain height. Going upwind first and later at the other points of sail.

4/ Improving: Manages the speed, first jibes and tacks