The spot

The Bassin de Thau in the Mediterranean sea

Is an ideal sport to learn kitesurfing

The Bassin de Thau is a vast marine lake, with little chop, and windy by all directions.A rigorous and permanent control of its waters allowed to develop the oyster farming there. The average depth is 4 to 5 meters in the navigable part, which allows the water to be much warmer than the sea (about 10 ° to 13 ° more in the summer). See our wind and temperature probe of the Bassin de Thau in real time.

The Bassin de Thau is the ideal spot by its safe, efficient and easy character. rentissage.

Easy because of the large sandbars which will allow your to start flying kites with no obstacles nor currents.

Kitesurfing is a sport that occupies a lot of space (due to the lines length). The bassin de Thau is large and clear from obstacles which allows everyone to move safely.

Efficient because the ride in open water followed by a boat will allow you not to loose time walking back and forth on the beach