Beginners course

No experience in kitesurfing?
These courses are for you  !

The initiation courses of 1 to 5 days will allow you to discover kitesurfing, learn the basics and progress according to your goals. We arrange the lessons according to the time you have and taking into account your physical abilities and personal motivations. You will evolve on an ideal and superb spot, in complete safety, supervised by a professional and passionate team.

The beginner’s course: 1 or 2 days

Learn the basics practicing in a fun way:

  • The kite, essential element
  • equipment and setup, flying the kite, launching, landing…
  • Security basics
  • Body dragging, moving with the kite in the water
  • The board with the simulator (mechanism on the boat which simulates the kite’s traction)
  • Waterstart, slides on both sides…
1 or 2 days don’t usually allow you to be autonomous. However the 4 or 5 days course does aim for this goal.
This particular course aims for a kitesurf dicovery

If following this course you wish to carry on learning, you can add more days to your course.

1 day "Discovery lesson" (very intense)

Class intended for people who want to test the activity or who want to acquire the essential bases of the practice.

    • 4 hours over one day
    • Saturday, Monday or 1st day of an introductory course
    • To book, follow the green days on our schedule.
…on the schedule
Level = 1st day discovery

2 days "discovery course" (intense)

Course which allows to discover all the kitesurfing basics.

  • 8 hours over 2 days.
  • On weekends or the first two days of an introductory course
…on the schedule
Level = 2nd day discovery.


Full beginner course, 3, 4, or 5 days

Let you learn all the basics of kitesurfing.

Content identical to the discovery course on the first 2 days, followed by:
Waterstart get out of the water with the kite and the board
Start sailing on the 2 tack
To go, to stop … and who knows for the most talented, the first little jumps?
Progression is naturally a function of the number of days of the placement and your personal abilities.

…green level then yellow and / or orange on the schedule
Technical level = 1st beginners lesson.
Technical level = 2nd beginners lesson.
Technical level = from the 3rd kiting day


3 days beginners course

This course teaches you the “waterstart” and the first glides

  • This course will give you a global comprehension of the sport and of the security rules.
  • 12 hours course
  • During long weekends or during the week

4 days beginners course

This course teaches you the “waterstart” and the first glides

  • 16 hours course
  • During the week or over 2×2 days weekends

5 days beginners course

Progressive and comprehensive course covering all stages of learning and navigation in open water.
This formula is for those who want a complete and fast training.

  • 20 hours course
  • During the week or over 3+2 days weekends.


  • The beginner courses start everyday except for Mondays, Thursdays or Saturdays.
  • 4 hours a day on average, spread over the whole day according to the weather conditions
  • Meet at 10am in the morning (unless otherwise noted the day before).
  • Groups of 5 people maximum the first 2 days of the beginners course, 4 maximum thereafter
  • Departure by boat from our center for an evolution on the sandbanks or in open water according to the level
  • Wind-Refund Guarantee: explained in our general conditions
  • Personal gear to bring
  • Locker rooms and hot showers on site
  • Our rates include supervision by qualified instructors, boat and radio, the provision of all navigation equipment (kites, boards, harness, vest, helmet, radio).
  • Plan if necessary 8 € / day wetsuit rental (offered on the 1st day of the beginners course) and membership / insurance (from 25 € / year)