Coaching Kitesurf-Trip Fildair

Why choosing a Fil d’Air kite camp?

  • 4 people per instructor
  • A coach closer to you on the beach as well as on the water.
  • The use of video tools to watch and understand the things to improve.
  • Supervision planned and adapted according to your objectives.
  • Downwind possible.
  • Security workshop.
  • Tuning and gear prep
  • Professional Logisitcs: Fun and Fly the travel agency specialized in watersports.

Twin tip, strapless or foil, you choose !

Old sessions

Dakhla 2019 from 02 to 09 March

In the heart of the Sahara, the lagoon of Dakhla allows to ride on flat water, with a hot wind blowing between 15 and 30 knots nearly 300 days / year.
We offer accommodation at Dakhla attitude
The logistics of the trip is handle by our specialized agency:
You can ask for Mathieu DELTOUR
Direct line +33 5 67 31 16 04

Previous trips

Galinhos en 2018

Small fishing village on a peninsula only accessible by boat, Galinhos is a very quiet and windy spot. The very good wind statistics and varied spots allowed us to ride every day: waves, rio, empty lagoons… The dream !

Morocco in 2018

  • The stay took place from 10 to 18 March 2018 in Dakhla, Morrocco.

Second trip for Fil d’Air’s team on Dakhla’s famous lagoon and discovery of the spot for most participants of the beautiful landscapes of the Sahara.
The very good wind conditions allowed us to kite every day in 15 to 25 knots on the windiest days, on flat water and a navigation zone just in front of “Ocean Vagabond”, our camp. We also had the chance to go on surf trips on the world class spot of La Sarga on the ocean side. To sum up a very good atmosphere in the camp as well as on the water.

Pontal of Maceo Brazil 2017

The trip took place at the end of November 2017 in the Northeast of Brazil in Pontal de Maceio.

We renewed the Pontal de Maceio experience as we knew the spot and know the local school very well. The participants stayed in a sumptuous villa, which helped to create a very good atmosphere during the stay. The spot is located less than one kilometer away and the Toyouyou, a buggy truck arranged for the transport of people and kitesurfing equipment was taking us there everyday. This second edition in Pontal again took place in very good conditions, the tradewinds were blowing 18-25 knots as always and the water temperature at 30 °C. The small sandbanks on the lagoon still allowed us to coach closer to the participants and to film them. This resulted in great memories.

Pontaal of Maceo Brazil 2017

This is our very first Fil d’air’s trip. The destination was on the northeast of Brazil, on the Jaguaribe river spot, Pontal de Maceio. A spot not very frequented by kitesurfers. A vast lagoon connected to the sea. The water is flat in the lagoon, you can also find waves outside the reef. You can easily go from one to the other according to the tides. Wind conditions are moderate, trade winds blowing between 15 and 20 knots every day. The excellent hospitality of our partnered school Caval’Kite has welcome us in a very festive atmosphere and allowed us to juggle between busy days on the sportive plan and memorable evenings. A first that we are not ready to forget.
Kitesurf in Brazil – Fil d’Air Trip