School equipment


The instructors use fast boats especially designed to reach the practice areas on the lagoon (saving precious time) and especially to monitor, provide safety and assist students as they navigate in open water.

Our fleet has expanded to a fourth boat, a sister ship to the largest. The use of such powerful craft comes from 16 years experience in leading kite surf courses at all level, a real high-tech aircraft carrier for all our kites.

The school provides you with the best, most up to date equipment available this year as well as equipment that we ourselves have developed to make your life easier ...

With about 40 floats and 90 wings (or more than four floats and 8 wings to choose from per trainee) + specific vests, harnesses, helmets, and radios embedded in helmets allow us to mentor you in the best conditions with clear communications...


Everything is really done to improve your comfort and safety. Before each session, your instructor advises you about your choice of kit to be sure it meets your expectations, depending on weather conditions, your level of practice and your technical ability.

You learn the basics, by flying the most recent wings, type Bow (wing-flat hybrid Delta-SLE depower C-shape, etc...) with four control lines:

F-One, RRD, Cabrinha, Best, Airush, Naish, Ozone, Gin, and Flysurfer, from 3 m2 to 16 m2.

You will enjoy gliding on directional boards or twintips, your choice. Then you will progress to flying more elongated wings and "péchues" with smaller twintips, when you switch to advanced training courses.

You can also use the whole range of strap-less ; long board, surf-fish or wake skate or special wave boards... The base is located in the center of the Taurus water the sailing center of Meze. You'll find all amenities: changing rooms, hot showers, classrooms, video, workshop, sail store.

We renew the park 2-3 times per season. This park is progressively developed as we get feedback throughout the whole season.

Since August 1998 we have chosen wings with so-called "air chambers" designed by Legaignoux. In 2005 we tested their new concept "Bowkite" (also called "Hybrid" "flat" or Delta C-Shape kite with SLE also known as "integral shock" or Suspended Leading Edge...). We adopted these wings in 2006. The continued improvement of these products means we take advantage of these innovative concepts for the comfort, safety, ease of learning and especially the pleasure they provide. Indeed, progression and wind shifts are further cushioned. Much less muscle, is therefore needed in their re-launch from deep water, is even easier although the technique is quite different from other technically called C-shape wings that resemble a more inverted U rather than a C. Our entire school fleet is now fully based on this type of wing. We rigorously tested and selected many well-known models and choose them from among the very dense jungle sometimes that manufacturers offer.