Dates and Fees for Kite Surfing Lessons

Calendar 2017                                                                    Period price: white or blue.

Calendar 2016

The following is the 2017 calendar
Pleasenote this calendar shows the courses held at Meze on the Bassin de Thau.



      Period price: white or blue.
404142Session Number (quote when booking)
   White = first day initiation.
 Yellow = 2nd day initiation.

Orange= 3rd day of kite and for everyday development.


No session.

The training modules are framed in black and colors are arranged according to the effective technical level.

  • •    The second graphic is that of tariff zones: blue  or white.
  • •    The week numbers are used to clearly identify sessions before enrollment.
  • •    (You can put together several courses as a result provided the chronological progression corresponds to a logical progression level. White, then yellow, then orange for a beginner course. Orange or also for all training courses. you do not have to start on the first day of the module if required or if you have already done these first days. These 3 colors are our logical training framework and corespond to people who already have basic skills to kite in open water.
  • •       When multiple colours are present on the same date is that two distinct groups or sessions are held simultaneously.
  • •    Be careful though, if you exaggerate your level of competence you will just waste your time. To avoid this see the grid levels or consult us by phone prior to enrollment.
  • •    The Beauduc camps are now presented on a different calendar where dates are posted in green. During these periods, conventional courses are held simultaneously at Mèze.



We cannot accep credit card. Only deposit on our account  or cash are avalaible.
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A Discovery Day€ 155€ 165
Course of 2 consecutive days€ 290€ 310
Course of 3 consecutive days€ 405€ 430
Course of 4 consecutive days€ 520€ 550
Course of 5 consecutive days€ 635€ 670
2 consecutive weekends€ 540€ 580
Private Tuition (2 hours per person)€ 200€ 200
Private Tuition (2 hours for 2 people)€ 290€ 290
PACKAGE navigation€ 35 / hour
Kite simulator ± 15 minutes€ 75
Wetsuit rental (first day=free)€ 8 / J


Private Tuition Foil€ 250
1 training sessions of 30' with simulator in open water€ 80


3 days€ 495
4 days€ 645
No additional taxes.