Conditions : Please write in the "Additional Message" box the dates of courses you want to attend (first and last day) especially if you call and pre-book your course.
Please note this is a pre-booking
You can contact the secretary (by calling +33610252258) to see if there is any places available on the course that interests you. Only after this will the reservation become effective and after we receive your deposit: (150 € / person). Do not send a deposit or down payment without a confirmation e-mail or telephone from us.
Please complete all the required fields (*) if you want your application to be processed properly. Once you have completed and submitted the form online the deposit can be sent to:
BP 72 -
Or deposited in our account. Download the account details, which can be found on our Downloads page.

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Informations personnelles
L'age minimum est de 10 ans. Pour tous mineurs, un accord parental manuscrit est obligatoire
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